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Junk Removal In Dubai | Abu Dhabi | UAE

Take Junk in Dubai is a well-know junk removal company in the UAE. If you need quick, cheap and efficient junk removal in Dubai or other parts of UAE, just give us a call.  Our team collects junk from both homes and offices regardless of whether you are in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or Abu Dhabi. We pick all kinds of junk from garbage to books to e-waste. And, we do all the lifting, hauling, loading and disposing effortlessly. We have always exceeded all our clients’ expectations by always going above and beyond. Last but the least, our team comprises of workers who are extremely friendly and approachable.

Ethical & Eco-friendly Disposal of Junk

We are a responsible junk removal company. Our work begins as soon as we pick up junk from your location.  Once we reach our facility with your items, we segregate the garbage from the reusables. The garbage is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner and the reusables are either dropped off at a recycling center or donated at the donation center. This way we ensure we act responsibly and your reusables find a good home.

We are a phone call away

Declutter your homes and offices today by giving us a quick call for a free estimate. We can also provide same day junk pick up service, if needed. Do not let trash sit in your corridors or attics in boxes or even in your garages. Get the boxes of junk out if the way to make room for new stuff.  We take junk of all kinds, except for hazardous items. Some junk removal items can even be picked up for free!

So what are you waiting for? If you need junk removal in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, UAE, pick up the phone and call Take Junk in Dubai.

Why Choose Us for Junk Removal in Dubai?

Professional Removal

We complete the work undertaken with great professionalism and expertise.

Free Estimate

We provide free estimate or free inspection to our clients. All fees are quoted before work begins.


We reuse, recycle, resell, and re-purpose your items whenever possible.

On-Time Service

We respect your time by not making you wait. We arrive promptly and get the work done in a breeze.

Courtesy Call- 20 minutes

One of our team members will call and inform you of our arrival 20 mins prior.

24/7 Support

We are here to answer all your questions about junk removal in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

What We Remove

Residential Junk Removal

We offer convenient pickup for all unwanted household junk items like Furniture, Fridge, Kitchen Goods, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Mattresses, Lamps, Cardboard boxes, etc. Same day junk collection services available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

Commercial Junk Removal

Office junk piles up in no time. But Take Junk in Dubai is there to help you if you are moving to a new office and no longer need the old office stuff? We make office junk collection a hassle free experience. Contact us for junk removal services if you are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Appliances Removal

Do you have electrical or electronic appliances that you no longer use or want to use? These may include toasters, washing machines, microwaves, TVs, dishwashers ovens, etc. If you need us to come and pick up your unwanted appliances in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, do give us a buzz!

We remove your junk right away, without breaking a sweat.

There is always some kind of old or unwanted junk, like, furniture, appliances or waste lying around the house, waiting to be disposed of.  With the busy work schedule these days, planning to haul the junk and carry it all the way outside and then further for disposal, all by yourself can be a tedious job. That’s where we come in. We make life easy! We pick up your junk at your convenience. Whether you want us to collect junk from your office or residence, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we are only a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect junk from all areas of not only Dubai but also from Abu Dhabi. If you need junk pick up in any other emirate in UAE, do call us and check.

We strive to provide quick service to all locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in UAE. If you need same day junk collection, just give us a call. 

If the junk is placed inside your premises then, ideally, you should be home when we reach. In case, you live in an apartment, you can always authorize the security guard to let us in to collect junk. However, if the junk to be collected is outside (backyard, front yard or curbside) then you can leave it to us.

Yes, before coming to pick up junk in Dubai, we always call our clients to inform them about our arrival. We respect your time and do not wish to keep you waiting.

Yes. All you need to do is point at the junk that needs to be taken. We pick up and load your junk all by ourselves.

Once we remove junk from your premises, we separate and segregate them depending on their condition. We keep your reusables out of landfills. What ever can be recycled, is taken and dropped off at the recycle center. Any items that can be re-used, is dropped off at the donation center in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We always call our clients 20 minutes before we  pick up junk in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in UAE.

We are available round the clock for junk removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in UAE. In case of an emergency, feel free to call us to arrange same day pick up of junk. 

UAE has very clearly defined Rules and Regulations on Waste Management. Yes, we always make sure we follow these regulations without fail.

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