The Junk We Collect- time to say bye!

Have you ever wondered how much junk we collect over the years, especially if we have an attic or a storage room? It’s another story that the items that go in to the storage rooms never really make out of it ‘alive’. By alive, I mean re-usable. But you got that already, didn’t you? Most of the furniture and appliances that go into the storage rooms, remains there forever, unnoticed and forgotten. In the end, when they do get noticed, they are in no condition to be re-used. They must be thrown away. What a waste of money and space!

Do you really need to keep collecting junk? I used to be a hoarder but I realized soon enough that it was of no use. A friend gave me an advice once. She said, “If you do not use any item for a year, the probability of your ever using it is practically negative.” That’s the logic I always go by these days! Especially, when it comes to clothes, because those are the items, I tend to buy and not wear, the most! (Please do not tell my mom, I said that. Shh.)

I have enough clothes. Said no woman ever!

Every year, in April, I sit down to declutter my cupboard. That top that I didn’t wear for most of the year, the skirt that I have worn too many times now, the odd scarf, the purple pair of socks that I shouldn’t have bought in the first place, the pair of jeans that are no longer in fashion, that outdated corduroy jacket that I lost interest in long back, the pajamas that I no longer care to look at, and trillions of other such unwanted things that have been occupying space in my cupboard as well as my head, need to be done away with right now.  Without wasting any time, I put them all into my give-away box. The lid is sealed.  And there’s no looking back. These will go to a thrift store for donation. My cupboard, suddenly, looks lighter and cleaner! And I have made space for all the new items that I shall (certainly!) buy in the coming months.

This way I do not just declutter my home, but also declutter my mind. It is a great stress and guilt reliever. Messy cupboards give me a lot of unneeded stress. And, if I donate clothes, I feel less guilty buying new ones. It feels like a win-win situation.

Furniture, TV, Air-fryer and the Old Stove-top- the junk we collect.

Everything in my house has a life span. Or so I believe. You may say I am borderline shopaholic. In my defense, I get bored quickly. Ahem! But believe me when I say this. Sofas and couches need to be replaced with new ones…. now and then.

 Here are MY top 4 reasons. 

1) They have been damaged due to overuse – If you have young kids (like I do) who like jumping on sofas, then your sofa cannot last for more than 2 years. Or, if you like to read a book, lying down on your sofa, and eat while you watch TV sitting on that sofa, then how long can a poor piece of furniture serve your lowly needs? You can always blame it on your kids, but you still need a replacement.

2) The sofa cover has faded and needs to be changed. If you are like me, you would rather get a new sofa than go through the process of replacing its cover. But if you are like the other half of the population and love that sofa of yours, then go ahead and get a new cover for it. Who’s stopping you?

3) You are bored with your furniture and that new sofa set at IKEA is beautiful and inexpensive. I keep buying from IKEA, it hurts less when replacing it. When Sophie Kinsella was writing the first book of the Shopaholic series, I bet, she had me in mind.

4) I put this at the last reason, but I know for most of you this one is the top one. Your neighbor changed their sofa set and now you want a new one too. Wink, wink.

You may not agree with all my reasons, which is absolutely fine. But if you disagree with my logic and reasoning, then give me yours, and let me be the judge. Gotcha!

Moving on to TVs, Air fryers and stove tops. Well ok, so may be these items do not need to be replaced often. *Eyeroll*.  But, if I want to replace my old 43-inch TV monitor with an 85-inch one, can you blame me? How about the latest air-fryer model? I used mine for 3 years already and I am totally done with it. Besides, the new one is so much more sophisticated than what I have right now. What would you do? Never mind.

My stovetop? Fine, I’ll keep it for now. But I do have a thing for that induction cooktop that my friend recently bought. She has been raving about the superior technology it uses and how she is simply in love with it, blah, blah, blah. Now, I want it too.  If that’s not a good enough reason to throw out your old stove top, then what is!

Phew! Did I manage to convince you or do you still need more reasons? I sure can give you a few more, but let’s call it a day. I am exhausted from all the nitpicking. I am hardly good at it. *wink*

In Conclusion

Whatever your reasons are, in case, you need a junk removal company to help you declutter your home or office, you should definitely contact Take Junk in Dubai. They not only provide same day junk pick up service but they also recycle and donate. You do NOT need to feel guilty about hurting the environment, at all. They will not throw away your fridge or microwave. Just like me, they believe in re-use, re-purposing and recycling. Your junk will not end up in a landfill. Take Junk in Dubai, uses the most eco-friendly approach to handle items that you no longer use. And they are available in all areas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many areas in the UAE.

What are you waiting for? Call them and declutter your home for that peace of mind you so need! I am surely calling them now to take my junk away. After all, that new sofa set I spotted at IKEA last week, is calling out to me in my dreams! IKEA, here I come…

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